Adverts are made to sell product in a certain way using various techniques. Firstly, after creating a product or service the company will have an audience in mind to sell to, this is audience profiling- this is used by demographics. Demographics splits people into groups based on their jobs, where they live, and how much money they make, this information identifies who and when to sell products to their target audience. These demographic groups are: A-the people in this group have jobs such as: bankers, lawyers, higher management, doctors and other higher professions. B- Middle management, teachers, creative and people working in media such as graphic designers. C1- office supervisors, junior management, nurses, specialists’ clerical staff- white collar. C2- skilled manual workers, electricians, plumbers, builders- blue collar. D- Semiskilled and unskilled manual workers. E- unemployed, students, pensioners, casual workers. So with this information the advertisers will figure out who they want to sell their products to base on this information 

Further more to be able to get a product to sell there are more techniques to sell- Promotions and rewards- this is to get the target audience to participate, examples to get people to participate would be contests, free gifts, coupons and games. Using stats and data- giving out useful information on what you are selling can make it trustworthy and if the product is infact working for other people it will work for you. Endorsements- using celebrities to promote on social media as everyone is becoming digital. So overall these and many more Techniques are used to sell and promote products.

In Perfume adverts it seems they use more psychology to sell the product, when watching a perfume ad the people watching cannot smell it compared to when watching an ad about a sofa you can get an idea of what it looks like, the material and the feel. So how they sell it is playing on people’s feelings, they sell you the idea of what affect the perfume has on you and how it will lead to all of your desires.

For example the MISS DIOR the new Eau de parfum advert shows this perfectly. The advert includes love, fighting, the beach, happiness, anger, and lots of romance so it seems this perfume fixes problems and brings love and romanticises fighting with a significant other but with a sexual aura fitting around the video. “What would you do for love?” asked to the audience, this advert is all about love and how the perfume can bring this kind of dramatic and romantic love and how it can make you feel when you wear it because in the end she is happy.-

Adverts selling perfume all have a similar story line of a women with the perfume becomes desirable to men this is the effect of emotional power of the scent- this brings a relationship or sex. They include this a lot because sex and romance are commonly people’s fantasies so companies will play on those feelings to sell idea that the fragrance brings you these things and that it will become real life if the story the advert is telling resonates with the target audience.

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As stated earlier, celebrities are used often to endorse a product, and this is extremely common in perfume adverts for a number of reasons. Celebrities are many people’s idols so when they are a big celebrity as the face of a campaign Their fans will be interested especially if they are handsome or beautiful. One example out of many is the Lancome advert using Zendya. (Zendya advert: ( )

I have done some research into the brand Jean Paul Gaultier. For me this brand is what has inspired my theme of my advert. The brand is so diverse and has a hyper-sexual and transgender theme which for me is inspiring as you don’t find/see brands being so free in the branding or the fashion.

Furthermore as to why this brand is interesting to me is because of the perfume too, as I am doing a perfume advert I thought this brand has amazing campaigns surrounding their adverts. For example, the campaigns match the product being sold, an example of this is how the advertisement matches the theme of the bottle of the perfume.This brand did in fact inspire the way I want my advert to be. I want it to be sexy, mysterious, fun, and dark with a running theme, this is why I want my look in the advert to match the theme and props as well as the music, it will all be cohesive.

An example of cohesion within the brand is the homo-erotic imagery of sailors in this campaign poster and the actual product, being a mens perfume bottle:

for example this is the link for the Le man perfume for men on the website. This is how in depth the advertising and branding is to this company and how much detail has been put into it. The whole page links to the advert and to the perfume bottle.


My chosen practitioner I have decided to research into is Johan Renck. Johan Renck is a director of music video, TV and film who has made numerous famous music videos, advertisements, movies and tv series such as; the series Chernobyl, working on episodes of breaking bad, madonnas music videos- ‘hung up’ and ‘nothing really matters’. Aswell as working on many adverts, some examples of these include many H&M adverts, the Levi “Horse”, Cartier “diamonds director’s cut”, Valentino “Uomo” and many more. The most recent advert Renck has directed was the latest Channel no.5 advert. ( )

Channel recently created a new campaign film to celebrate the 100 years for the famous perfume channel no.5. The face of the campaign is French actress Marion Cotillard. We see Marion and Jérémie Bélingard (her dance partner in the advert) dancing on the moon, “The moon plays heavily in the promotion as a romantic symbol and one that represents renewal.” ( She is also seen in a stunning gold gown chosen by the artistic director, Virginie Viard said she “wanted Marion to perform in a dress that was completely Chanel, past, present and future. Iconic”. The beautiful dress took 900 hours of work in the Chanel and Lesage workshops.

Aside from the emense amount of effort that went into creating the campaign, the campaign itself was absolutely impressive. The advert really captures romance and emotion with the motion of the dancing, the dress, and the use of the moon, it makes it all feel …. This is advert is one I will remember due the creativity and how enjoyable it is to watch.


For my competition I am looking into other student perfume adverts.

Watching this advert, I do not see a story line. For example if at the end of the clip there was no perfume name/bottle then you wouldn’t know what the advert is trying to tell you or sell. In my advert there won’t be a story line but I would make it clear what the purpose of the advert is.

I also do not think the advert overall is cohesive- the outfit of the women in the clip could have been less informal and they could have used this an opportunity to wear an outfit more dressed up, the reason for this is because in adverts especially perfume adverts the actors or actresses are always dressed professionally to match the advert.

overall this advert would not make me want to buy it because I do not think they were trying to sell anything until the end and does not grasp my attention or look professional. However this advert was made 6 years ago and the circumstances for it being made might be very different to mine.

This was another advert I found on YouTube. This was a really good advert, firstly, the advert has a storyline and time setting- a man at war missing his partner at home and using letters to communicate but using the perfume as the purpose by spraying it onto the letter. the story was quick and understandable and using a story as an advert. Compared to the first one the setting and costumes fit each other, the time setting and old fashioned clothing/ the war uniform. Furthermore the advert has a voice over, which is not uncommon but in this advert it made sense to use a voice over of what the letters said.

Comparing this to my advert like stated above this has a story line but mine does not. Mine will include props to demonstrate what I am trying to sell.

Target audience

My target audience in terms of demographics would be group E. This is because the target age of my audience would be ages from 18-25 and the reason for choosing this group of demographics is because they are mostly unemployed, students or casual workers which is mostly young people. Young people are my target audience and mostly students. Again as I am looking towards selling my product to young students my psychographic group would be explorers which are a group also made up of young people. This group seeks discovery, energy, individualism and experience. they value difference and adventure. Brand choice for this group highlights satisfaction and gives instant effect. they are the first to try new brands and new trends.

My target profile is a female aged 20 years old, lives in a nice area of newton abbot, cares about their apprenece, currently at university level, likes going out and being social with friends, uses lots of social media such as tiktok (where most of the new trends are promoted now) and also had desires to be successful.

However to target an audience with a luxury lifestyle I will promote it in locations where people with lavish living will go- this location would be Leicester square where the demographic of ABC1 is 61%. So although I would like to target a younger audience who are students, I do want to target more than this group as the locations I will promote my advert are high class areas with the demographics ranging from abc1. Example being in licester square.


Production for TV adverts might have initially a struggle with the lockdowns and having to maintain social distancing.

It has seemed a lot of companies to keep advertisements going have turned to animation and also social media.

“Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer turned to animation quickly to create a campaign that featured tips and best practices, and adapted it for markets around the globe using VidMob. The CDC also worked with the platform on a PSA campaign that used stock imagery and raised over $6 million in donations on Facebook.“They used animation and leaned on high-end, post-production personnel to turn it into something that works now,” Collmer said” Using animation to create adverts during the pandemic is rather creative as it does not require actors, a team of people (e.g hair and makeup/ cameramen), or a lot of post production paperwork. It is an easy way to maintain content in a creative way.

Brands have also been able to use social media as a big platform for advertisement as social media use is up 83% since March 16. “We’ve seen a sizable increase in the number of brands looking to work with influencers to replace their in-house or agency production team,” said CEO Mae Karwowski. “They get the image rights and it’s completely a content creation play.” “We’ve seen a sizable increase in the number of brands looking to work with influencers to replace their in-house or agency production team,” said CEO Mae Karwowski. “They get the image rights and it’s completely a content creation play.”

For example brands have been using TikTok as a platform to create a trend or to promote their products, for example elf cosmetics created a trend on TikTok;

With four billion views and three million user generated videos, Elf Cosmetics’ ‘Eyes Lips Face’ challenge has been described as the ‘most influential campaign on TikTok’ to date. The campaign involved the creation of an original song (called ‘eyes lips face’) to go alongside the brand’s hashtag challenge.

A number of influencers promoted the song in their own videos, which then spurred on other celebrities and users to do the same. The song ended up going viral – not only on TikTok but other platforms including Instagram and YouTube. In response, Elf Cosmetics created its own music video to coincide with the release of the song in full.

There have been many other brands that have used TikTok to promote their products or brand, more such as Gymshark using a dance/workout challenge their viewers called the stand up challenge, converse created the hashtag #ConverseAllStar to get people custom a pair of shoes and use the hashtag to show their creation and reaching 54.3m views. Brands are doing well on TikTok, they are promoting their products in a unique way I haven’t seen before by challenging their viewers on TikTok. I think to the audience it’s nice for brands to be actively interacting with their audience.

So overall from my interpretation from my research sources, advertisement hasn’t stopped at all during the Covid pandemic but it has adapted, lots of brands have turned to creative ways to keep promotion going such as new ways of filming or using social media more to interact with the customers/ audience. I think its a great way to get attention as have personally seen lots of sponsors and adverts from brands on TikTok.


during my research I had to build information up and gain knowledge, I did this with a range of sources; i used online articles, YouTube videos, online forums/ blogs and some brand websites that I used to reference a statement.

Overall I do think my sources that I used and gathered were useful and gave me information to conduct my research. One really useful source that helped me have a wider range of knowledge of perfume adverts all together was the Quartz website- This was full of information about why perfume adverts work, more like the psychology and why the adverts are so extravagant. For example it was broken down into some reasons why perfume adverts are so strange: “That uselessness is a challenge for marketers. If you can’t show what a product does, you have to find another way to sell it. And playing to feelings is often your best bet.Scents have one advantage in that regard. Our sense of smell is strongly tied to our emotions and sexual desires. Smells are inherently neutral to us, but we can create deep emotional connections to various smells.” It went futheron to say how it plays on our desires and eventually all of our desires leads to sex and includes the science behind our senses but also how brands really know what they are doing to sell.

The article is really well written, it was easy to read and not over complicated when talking about the psychology as I think that is something you could get lost is while writing about something like that. This source was so useful even to understand the research I was conducting and gave me all the information I needed to know.

Another similar source that gave me a good amount of information to give me a better understanding of perfume advertising was the article “Most loved fragrance Ad campaigns of all time” This article was descriptive of celebrity adverts and it was useful for me when I was researching about celebrity endorsements. I didn’t use it to quote anything but it was good enough to get enough information to gather knowledge.

For my practitioner it was hard to find a lot information about him but the campaign he did make for channel, I did find some really good articles.- The article had lots of detail about the behind the scenes of the advert and it was really useful to find out the effort that went into the advert so I could understand the time, money and detail my practitioner puts into his work. Although the article is short It had enough amount of information to research the work my practitioner does.

All of the sources I used were useful and all of them have helped in writing my research and I have used most of them- this shows the information I read was all included in my work and there haven’t been ones I can say weren’t useful or could have been better. However I did use reddit as a source to gather information about why perfume adverts are so strange

There wasn’t anything wrong but using reddit as a source might not be too reliable, because its an online forum people can speak about whatever they want- this could be a bias opinion or the wrong information completely as there is no direct source compared to an article where they have their own trusted sources.

Overall my sources have helped me write all of my research and gave me a wider range of knowledge, there are no sources I can’t say that was not useful.

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